Posted on: July 12, 2020

The basement can be a gold mine.

When done right and as part of expanding the livable space of a home, the basement can be a treasure trove of potential. The basement could be fitted with a bedroom or an extra bathroom. Smaller basements can be used for laundry or a “man cave” with an entertainment area. Here are some suggestions you can take to renovate your basement space.

Basement Renovation

Plan it out

Always sketch out your ideas for your basement. Map out your basement and find out how you can illuminate the space with natural light entering from your windows. If your space is large enough to house multiple rooms, you can maximize its functionality by putting a TV room in a darker spot to reduce glare, placing bedrooms on by the windows and turning the area where there is natural light into a socializing area.

Do a full inspection

Before you do anything, make sure you check for moisture, cracks and faults on the foundation and walls as well as other supports for sagging, rot or other issues. It is also recommended to check ventilation and any fuel-burning appliances in the basement to make sure there are no noxious gases building up. Make sure any and all issues are addressed, or your basement work will be for naught. And if you are doing plumbing or electrical work, make sure you get the required permits.


Check your municipal codes to make sure you have the right amount of clearance for your basement project and be prepare to remove water by having a sump pump available.

Water prevention

Seal up all cracks and leaks around the basement, and if you are putting in plumbing pipes, insulate them first before covering them in drywall. Insulation keeps heat from escaping hot-water pipes and prevents condensation on cold-water pipes, which can affect drywall.

About those walls

As basements tend to retain moisture, it is recommended to not use the standard drywall in the basement. Special drywall is made for basements and moist places and is resistant to mold. In addition, insulate your studs with a vapor barrier and use foam insulation to further protect walls from moisture.

No fortress

If you are looking to partition several rooms, you can consider using half-walls or sliding doors as partitions, and use support columns as part of the design to enhance the space.

Leave space

This applies to any mechanical equipment such as water heaters, boilers, and laundry appliances that might be in your basement. Overtime, these things will need maintenance or repair, and that will require space to allow such work to proceed.


Remember that basements are all about moisture, and some stylish flooring would be a disaster in a basement. Try vinyl flooring that is made to look like wood; it’s fashionable looking, good against moisture and has warranty of up to 20 years. Another option is synthetic-fiber carpeting, which can be useful to deaden excessive noise if your basement has a play area or gaming area for kids.

Less noise

There are ways to soundproof your basement so you can minimize the noise that travels up the ceiling. There are a couple of different approaches, and it is recommended to ask around for the best advice for your needs. The best way is to keep drywall and joists separated from each other to ensure lesser vibration, thus lesser noise.

Light it up

Basements are dark places, so be prepared to have more lighting in the basement than in any other room of your house. Minimize dark spots except in the area where your TV will be located.

Don’t overlook details

Whether it’s the window wells or the height of your stairs leading from the upstairs, you must ensure that the finished outcome is compliant with building codes is code, and it is recommended to use only quality and good-looking materials to finish the job. And if you are planning an entertainment space, don’t forget to allocate spaces for a mini-fridge, cabinet or drawer space for snacks, a microwave and a tray to transport goodies or dirty dishes.

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Using these suggestions as a guideline, you can do a basement renovation efficiently and relatively easy. Although it can be a time-consuming and expensive job, still, the finished outcome can make it worth the time. If you plan to do it yourself, always seek professional help to guide you along the process.

For advice guidance, or professional help in renovating your basement, contact WISA Solutions today for a free consultation for your next basement renovation. Let us help you with turning your basement into the ultimate entertainment space!