Posted on: May 22, 2018

Bathrooms are one of the most important, if not the most important, rooms in your home. Individuals can spend a significant amount of time in a bathroom throughout their lifetime. On top of that, if you are entertaining guests in your home, most likely they will use your bathroom at some point. Knowing this, it is important that your bathroom is cleaned, organized, and appealing. You can escape the harsh judgment from your guests by considering these five bathroom remodeling trends to implement in your bathroom to give it a fresh, modern look.

Organize with Extra Storage

Organize efficiently and make your bathroom look neat and well-kept with this bathroom remodeling trend. You can make use of your vertical space by expanding/building upon your existing cabinets. Our remodeling team can install vertical, open shelves or additional closed cabinets.

White Color Scheme

White remains a popular color choice for bathrooms to this day. The color white is very versatile and can be paired with many other elements, making it desirable for many homeowners. Have white tile walls in your bathroom? Pair it with stainless steel fixtures or gold mini pendants for a truly trendy look. You can also pair a white-colored bathroom with colorful decor. For example, you can place a light blue rug on your floor, hang up some blue bath towels, and place some potted yellow tulips on your counters or bathroom windowsill (if you have one) and it will all complement the white color scheme.

3D Tiles

Amp up the appearance of your bathroom with this innovative bathroom remodeling trend. More homeowners are starting to opt for a 3D tile for their bathroom walls. Get in on this creative trend by remodeling your bathroom walls with a cool wall pattern. For an elegant, artsy look you can select a 3D circular pattern for your walls. Want your walls to mimic the ocean waves? Select a 3D tile with a wavy pattern. There are many other shapes and patterns you can select when searching for 3D tile designs.

Get Creative with Technology

Make your bathroom truly inviting for your guests by enhancing it with some technology. Install a TV in your bathroom wall and let your guests stay up-to-date on the progression of that baseball game. Aside from TVs, you can install wireless speakers or bluetooth devices in your bathroom and even directly into your shower head to listen to music or podcasts while you take a shower. Adding electronics into your bathroom not only enhances your space, but also allows it to be more enjoyable and relaxing.


One of the most hands-on and currently popular bathroom remodeling trends is customization. You can transform your bathroom to your liking and in a way that will satisfy your needs and appeal to your guests. A few customization ideas that homeowners are using include curbless showers, height-adjusted toilets, and wet rooms where the bathtub and shower are placed in one room. With customization, your options are endless and you can make your bathroom as unique or contemporary as you’d like.

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