Posted on: March 25, 2018

A time may come when the appearance of your home no longer appeals to you. Your home could look dull on the outside and be outdated or cluttered on the inside. When this happens, you may want to consider renovating your home. In many cases, home renovation does not come cheap and many individuals have to take out a home renovation loan. Nevertheless, this guide will provide you with practical home renovation ideas so that you can upgrade your home according to your budget!

Update Your Flooring

Give your home a new look by upgrading the floors in your home. If you have carpeted floors throughout the house, consider replacing the carpet for hardwood instead! You can opt for cherry oak hardwood flooring in your living, dining, bathroom, and bedroom spaces. For a more unique look, try black hardwood flooring! On the contrary, if you have wooden floorings in your home, you can replace some of that hardwood for a carpet of your preference. When replacing the floors in your home, it is best to seek a home renovation contractor.

Repaint the House

To give your home a new look without breaking the bank, consider repainting the whole house! If the walls in your home are currently all eggshell white, try repainting your walls with a different color. You can also opt to paint each room in your home with a different paint color to make each room more personalized. Painting can also be done on the exterior of your home. You can paint your shutters and sidings with different colors to give your home a different look.

Change Doors/Door Knobs

Though this idea most likely requires a home renovation contractor, changing the door(s) in your home can enhance the look of your home. If you currently have a single, wooden front door, try switching it for French doors instead. You can also opt for different door colors, hinges, and door knobs to add extra accents to your home. This idea makes for a quick home renovation fix if done properly.

Update the Lighting Fixtures

Another easy home renovation idea is changing your lighting fixtures. If you have a standard ceiling light in your kitchen, for example, you can swap it out for recessed lighting or track lighting for a more modern look. If you have a chandelier in your dining area, you can replace it with a contemporary design or swap it for mini pendants. In terms of lighting fixture the choices are endless.

Swap Out Old Appliances & Furniture

Replacing outdated furniture and appliances could give your home a new style. You can swap out that shabby old couch for a modern sectional. Or opt for furniture of a different material such as leather or suede. If you have traditional white kitchen appliances, try switching them out for stainless steel. For an innovative look, you can even have your fridge remodeled in the same material and look as your cabinets!

Clear the Clutter & Organize

Perhaps the simplest home restyling idea of them all is organization and cleaning. By gutting your home of unnecessary clutter, you can make it feel like a brand new home again! Get rid of extra items, shelves, dying plants, and worn-out rugs. You can also replace the old items with new, fresh ones and spruce up your home by decorating it with trendy items. Organizing what you have in your home can make your home feel more open and look anew.

Full home renovation can seem daunting, but with the right ideas in mind and the right people on your side, it can be an easy task. If you need professional help with your home renovation and you live in northern Virginia, contact WISA Solutions!