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Posted on: April 14, 2021

Are you thinking of moving to northern Virginia? If the answer is yes, then this blog post is for you. We’re covering all the things that you need to know when it comes to moving to northern Virginia, including weather, transportation, museums, taxes, real estate market, jobs, and more. Let’s dive in and see what northern Virginia has to offer for you!

Northern Virginia Weather

Springfield, VA - Hunstman

The weather in northern Virginia is temperate and fairly predictable when it comes to regular patterns. The summers in Virginia are hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from the 60s to the low 90s. The average temperature will normally swing between 26F and 87F, with it rarely being below 13F or above 93F. While you might think this is a pretty big swing, it’s actually about the same as most states in the U.S. that are relatively in the same place on the equator. One advantage to these temperatures is that you’ll be able to enjoy all four seasons.


On the east coast and throughout all of Virginia, there’s a pretty well-developed public transportation system. Depending on your preferences and where you need to travel, both rail service and bus service runs throughout Virginia.

Most of the entire rail system is ADA compliant so that you don’t have to worry about boarding if you have disabilities or need wheelchair access to the train. To learn more about some of the different transportation services throughout Virginia, check out this web page. Because Virginia is such a heavily populated state, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about finding a public transportation system that works well for you.


Taxes are always frustrating because we just don’t want things to cost more than they already do. In northern Virginia, there is a 6% tax on all general sales. But, there is a reduced tax rate of 2.5% on food for home consumption in the entire state. This includes things like groceries as well as some essential toiletry items. The income tax rate in the state ranges between 2% and 5.75%. The property tax is roughly .80% of the value of the property.

Real Estate Market

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Estimating the real estate market within the northern Virginia area can be a bit difficult. Especially because, as of the writing of this blog post (March 2021), the market is very hot, and homes are selling for a high price very quickly. Here’s where you can find all the statistics when it comes to the Northern Virginia housing market. That site will be regularly updated with the month-over-month info on how much homes sell for. In the meantime, here are the numbers for February 2021.

Northern Virginia home cost 2021 vs. 2020:

  • Average cost – $661,391 +2.1%
  • Median cost – $570,000 +1.8%
  • Total home sales – 1,497 +25.5%

The average cost for a renter or an apartment building is sitting right around $1,819 for just under 1,000 square feet. With housing being somewhat expensive, you’ll need to plan for that cost before you commit to moving to the area. Be sure to check out this cost of living calculator where you can compare some of the costs of living in Virginia to other places in the United States.

Job Market

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The job market in northern Virginia shows a lot of promise but hasn’t always been the strongest. In fact, the COVID-19 outbreak has a significant impact on the overall job market throughout Virginia and caused the unemployment rate to go up. In August of 2020, the region saw a decrease in the unemployment rate when it fell to 5.8%, which was 3% under the national average at the time.

This blog post shows some charts on Virginia’s unemployment rate. You’ll be able to see some of the different averages based on cities and counties, as well as read through how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the market. One thing to note is that the construction industry is up and some of the industries that are up nationally. Overall, you can expect that the job market will make a good recovery.

Recreational Opportunities

Northern Virginia is truly a beautiful state, and the recreational opportunities that come with it are sure to please. There’s so much that you can gain from living in an area that’s full of parks, trails, and more that you can enjoy. Throughout Virginia, you can expect to find lakes and rivers as well as all of the on-land opportunities.

Some trails offer beautiful views of waterfalls, forests, and the mountains. If you love the mountains and mountainous landscapes, then you’ll love Northern Virginia. Here’s a great resource where you can learn more about the Appalachian Mountains as well as some of the other areas that are located nearby. Fairfax County is one of the most well-known counties in the area, and it’s a great resource for all things recreational and outdoors.

Entertainment and Attractions

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Being that Virginia is so close to many of the historical attractions on the west coast, there are many different attractions that you can enjoy. Museums, aquariums, monuments, and historical sites are all attractions that are worth enjoying and seeing. Additionally, Washington D.C. isn’t far away, and there are so many different things to see and explore throughout that city.

In the end, moving to northern Virginia is a great option for many families. There’s so much that the area offers when it comes to culture and opportunities for adventure. If you choose to move into the area, we’d love to help you with any exterior or interior work on your home. At WISA, we’ve been working and living in northern Virginia for 30+ years. As a community-oriented and family business, we’re passionate about helping our customers have beautiful homes!