Posted on: April 6, 2022

Finding a roof leak can be a difficult thing to do. Locating the true source of the leak often requires a bit of detective work.

Here are a few areas you can find problems on the roof or roofing system:

Rusted Nails

Rusted nails are usually around the leak or in the path of the leak. To find these rusted nails, you will need to lift the shingles to expose the head of the nail.


Another way to find leaks is by spotting any areas where the flashing is peeling away from the home. This leaves open gaps for water to run in through and make its way to the inside of the home. Potentially damaging walls, fireplaces, ceilings, etc.

Make sure the flashing on your roof also has counter flashing. A big reason why flashing begins to peel away from homes is that it wasn’t counter flashed.

Counter flashing is the flashing that covers the step flashing. Counter flashing is installed into the brick of the home. If the home is made of siding, the siding will act as the counter flashing. The same rule applies to houses with wood instead of brick or siding.

Also, if counter flashing wasn’t installed properly, it can peel away. Counter flashing must be installed into the material around the house (brick, wood, siding, etc.). It cannot just be caulked with roofing cement.


It is important to look around any valleys on the roof. A valley is where two sloping sides of the roof meet to create a channel for water to run off. Valleys are areas where a lot of leaks are common. Make sure to test any valleys, as well as, look for any missing shingles.

It would be best to have a roofing professional look at the valleys of your home and inspect how the shingles were installed. Improper installation of shingles in a valley could lead to major leaks.