Posted on: December 18, 2017

The holidays are a time for reconnecting with friends and family from near and far. While some homeowners may find themselves playing host to overnight guests, others may choose to hold a large or informal gathering to celebrate the season. Regardless of which category you fall into, extra guests have a way of highlighting the inadequacies of your home which you may not notice at other times during the year.

If you find yourself wishing your home was larger or more functional, now is the perfect time to consider a revamp. The new year is a great time to tackle remodeling projects within a home and WISA Solutions is here to help!

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Signs Your Home Will Benefit from a Remodel

If you look and listen to your friends and relatives during the holidays, the signs you’re due for a remodel are often loud and clear. If you experience any of the following while hosting friends or family, a remodel can help restore balance to your home.

More People Than Beds

If you routinely host overnight guests but find yourself shuffling your family from room to room to accommodate them, you might want to consider adding a guest suite or bedroom.

Shortage of Seating

Are you able to comfortably seat the holiday crowd in your living room? If family or guests are often relegated to the floor or folding chairs, it may be time to update the configuration or size of the room.

Cramped Kitchen or Dining Quarters

If you have a small kitchen that offers a itself as a gathering place during the holidays, consider a kitchen remodel to increase storage and improve functionality.

Outdated Interior

Additionally, you can upgrade your interior with new flooring, window coverings, paint, or lighting.

Changes in Lifestyle

Overtime, kids grow up and family members can increase within a household. Necessary upgrades of living spaces you can make your home comfortable and functional.

Home Remodeling Projects and Solutions

Are you wondering what types of remodeling projects will make the biggest impact on your home? Consider the following options for your home remodel.


You can determine the size and configure your kitchen to accommodate more people, counter space, or storage. Upgraded appliances, fixtures, counter tops, and flooring can add value to your home and maximize the return on your investment.


The addition or remodel of a powder room or full bath can provide guests with the privacy they need to feel comfortable in your home. A separate guest space allows the guest the freedom to place out their belongings conveniently.

Living Room

Whether your living room is outdated, poorly configured, or too small to accommodate your family and guests, WISA can help transform your space by designing a more functional layout.


Your unfinished basement or attic may be the perfect solution for overnight guests. A separate guest suite complete with a bedroom and bathroom provides much needed separation between the guest space and your family space.

Whole Home

If your home no longer works for you and your family, consider whole home remodeling. You can reconfigure your main floor, change the layout of one or more rooms, remove or add walls, or add fixtures onto your existing structure to enhance your home appeal.

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WISA Solutions wish you a happy holiday season and eagerly awaits to serve you during the new year. We are here to understand your needs and we’re ready to improve your home so that you can be happy and comfortable during the next holiday season.

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