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Posted on: April 30, 2020

If you’re in the market for a new roof, you’re probably asking yourself, “what can I do to find the best contractor?”

That’s a question that we hear all the time. At WISA, we’re not afraid of assisting you in any inquiries that you might have to deliver better for our customers.

Today, we will be sharing with you a hiring a roofing contractor checklist with a few tips and guidelines on how you can find a reliable and trustworthy contractor for your home renovation project.

Here’s our roofing contractor checklist. We hope that you find it useful and that you will be able to hire the right roofing contractor for your project. if you’re in the area, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us for a free consultation today!

Hiring A Roofing Contractor Checklist

WISA Hiring a Roofing Contractor

1. Has the Company Been in Business for at Least 5 Years?

Every company has it starts. Some start well and can become reputable quickly. Others have a bit of a slow start.

The contractor you hire must have experience and a reputation. Look for reviews on Google, Angie’s List, or other similar sites where customers leave their feedback on their past projects. A reputable contractor is likely to do a good job.

2. Does the Company Carry General Liability Insurance?

Insurance is crucial for most businesses. But, what happens if a contractor doesn’t have insurance during an unforeseen mishap?

As a homeowner, you can consider checking with your contractor to make sure they have applied for general liability insurance.

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3. Do They Use Subcontractors?

Some contractors will bid a job and then pay subcontractors to complete the work. By going through this process, homeowners and often unable to keep track of the team working on their project.

Find a contractor that works with their employees. You’ll be surprised by how much more reliable a slightly larger company can be. If you were to engage a larger company that often uses their own team of workers, you might achieve better results for your home renovation.

4. Is the Company Local?

If your home is damaged due to a storm, you might come across “storm chasers” knocking on your door. These “storm chasers” are looking to make a quick buck, often at the homeowner’s expense. Make sure to check out our list of ways to spot a storm chaser.

Local companies are often involved in the community and have a reputation to uphold.

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5. Will They Protect the House During the Roofing Project?

There is plenty that can happen during a roofing project, from tearing off the old roof to using heavy equipment or climbing up and down ladders near windows.

Don’t be afraid to ask your contractor about the safety measures that they will take to protect your home from the construction process.

6. Is there a Workmanship Warranty?

At WISA, we offer you the WISA Pledge whenever we take on a job. It’s our priority to put you first and make sure that the work we do will last. Our 10-year workmanship covers everything. We’ll be there to make it right if something goes wrong.

7. Is there a Written Estimate?

Signing a written estimate allows you to be sure that there won’t be any last-minute changes added to the cost of your project.

By finding a roofing contractor that will provide you a roofing estimate, you can be sure that they’re not out to pull any fast ones on you.

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8. Will They Protect the Roof During the Project?

Earlier, we talked about the importance of making sure your home is protected during a roofing project, but what about protecting your roof during the roofing project?

In some cases, the entire roof does not need to be replaced instead, your contractor might suggest patching the roof or just replacing a section that is damaged. Be sure that your contractor has a plan to protect the rest of the roof from damage during the project.

9. Do They Put Their Customers First?

Putting customers first can seem like a thing of the past for some people. But we genuinely believe that putting customers first separates good companies from great companies.

If you’ve been reading this hiring a roofing contractor checklist and still aren’t sure where to start looking for a contractor that fits these criteria, look no further. We’d love you to consider working with WISA for your next roofing project.

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