Posted on: July 1, 2016
Finished Basement - Key to Hosting a Cool Party 1

As 4th of July gets nearer, many of us are either planning to attend a holiday BBQ or are working to get ready to host one. If you are planning to throw a party for friends and family this year, there are a few issues that might be overlooked. For instance, if you have all the food and drinks needed to keep the party going, where will you be entertaining your guests? If you are looking for an outdoor venue, your party can be prone to thunderstorms or excessive heat. How do you keep your friends and family cool during the heat of a summer BBQ? Read on to learn more from WISA Solutions!

You can have everyone congregate on the deck and in the kitchen area, to have fun but your guests can feel sweaty and uncomfortable due to the lack of amenities. While there isn’t time to make major improvements before this Independence Day celebration, you might consider installing entertainment features on a finished walkout basement. Even an average basement has an access door that allows egress to your backyard entertainment haven.

A popular basement finishing feature we enjoy creating is a wet bar that typically combines with a man cave or home theater system. The basement is naturally cooler than the rest of your house, which allows you to beat the heat without having the A/C working overtime. A perfect scenario would be to hav a fully stocked bar.

Finished Basement - Key to Hosting a Cool Party

Keeping your guests cool during your party makes it more enjoyable for your guests and for you! Having a party in your basement helps keep your guests cool without having to crank the A/C. Another great benefit of having a walkout basement, especially if you have the wet bar/full bar, is that it allows you to have a party on the main level of your home, that offers easy access for your guests. Additionally, having an entertainment area in an open area of a basement allows for much improved “mingling” between guests.

Be sure to let us know how we can help you with your basement finishing project, and remember to share your next year’s celebration photos with us!