Posted on: October 9, 2017

Whether you’re hosting family or friends, an inviting guestroom makes them feel instantly welcomed and at ease. As you begin to work out a design for your guest space, consider the items you most desire when you’re away from home, like those you may find in a luxury hotel. Regardless of your budget, there are a number of thoughtful touches you can incorporate into any room, which will allow visitors to remain rested and relaxed throughout their stay.

Consider incorporating the following elements to create your dreamy guestroom, where your guests will never want to leave!

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Remain Neutral

Try to keep the palette in the room neutral to inspire a zen-like feeling of calm and serenity. Add pops of color using accessories, but reserve any use of strong wall color to your main living space.

Invest Your Money Wisely

A good night’s sleep is the best gift you can give your guests, and one which is often hard to achieve when you’re away from home. Invest in a high-quality mattress and box spring, or, if your budget doesn’t currently allow, consider purchasing a breathable, high-density memory foam mattress topper or high quality air mattress as a temporary solution.

Consider Amenities

Design an en suite bathroom so that your guests are ensured total privacy. You can also add a small closet so that your guests have enough room to place all of their belongings.

Keep Clear

Clear the clutter from all surfaces including the guest bathroom to allow visitors to lay out their belongings. Provide an elevated surface for luggage to prevent guests from having to dig through a suitcase on the floor, such as a luggage rack, bench, or small table.

Let There Be Light

Natural and artificial light sources enhance the useability and ambiance in any guestroom. In addition to overhead lighting, additional lighting controls, and fixtures at the bedside allow guests to read before bed or find their way in an unfamiliar place. A night light is a welcome addition to illuminate hallways, while adequate lighting in the guest bathroom can help make the morning routine go more smoothly.

Stick to the Basics

Basic amenities such as a lighted alarm clock or docking station, desk accessories, a hair dryer, and bottled water are simple touches that provide a homey feel. Stock the guest bathroom with a variety of toiletries including shampoo, toothpaste, extra toothbrushes, hand lotion, extra towels, and plenty of paper goods in a visible location for guests who may be too shy to ask.

Provide Privacy

A dedicated guest suite complete with a separate bathroom or en suite, is the ultimate in comfort and privacy. When possible, locate your guest suite away from the family bedrooms and ensure there is plenty of insulation to prevent sound from traveling between the spaces. Blinds and heavy curtains afford a sense of security while allowing guests to sleep in or take a much deserved afternoon nap.

Be Entertaining

Stock the bedroom with books and magazines or an extra copy of the local paper so that guests can wind down before bed or curl up with some good reading material. A television with bedside remote, complete with written operating instructions, makes guests feel right at home.

Stock Up

Drinks and snacks are always welcome for a late night nibble or afternoon treat. A bowl of fruit, home-baked goods, or pre-packaged treats work well alongside a small kettle or coffee maker and a supply of tea bags, coffee packets, cider, cream, and sugar.

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