top 3 reason to remodel whole home
Posted on: September 28, 2017

Once you start thinking about a remodeling project, you’re likely to think of little else as you envision a home that looks and functions according to your current needs and style. But remodeling just your kitchen or master suite might not be enough to capture your vision. The answer? A whole-home remodel!

Whether you bought your home knowing a project of this scope was in the cards, or have simply outgrown the existing decor, configuration, or square footage, WISA Solutions can help. We offer unparalleled whole-home remodeling services to homeowners throughout Northern Virginia.

Here are the top three reasons why a whole-home remodeling project might be right for you:

1. Location, Location, Location

You can change the size, look, function, and feel of your home, but you can’t change its location. Chances are you bought your home based on a number of factors, including its proximity to work, school, or family. Lot size and shape are other important considerations. Over time, you may have an established garden, trees, or landscaping that you’ve worked hard to cultivate and aren’t likely to find in a new build. And location isn’t just about latitude and longitude, but the place where you’ve watched your family grow in a space filled with memories.

Changing location, selling your old home, and finding a new home that suits your needs is a massive undertaking full of open houses, searching, packing, moving, and set up. This entire process can be avoided by turning your existing accommodations in to the home of your dreams with whole-home remodeling by WISA.

2. Evolving Trends & Needs

Trends, styles, and options change and evolve, and what was once considered fashionable eventually becomes outdated. Popcorn ceilings, arborite countertops, shag carpeting, pastel colored bathroom fixtures, and wood paneling have been replaced by granite surfaces, stainless steel appliances, hardwood flooring, and low VOC paint and building materials.

In addition to the changing trends, the needs of your family also evolve over time and you may require a dedicated space for teens, an in-law suite for elderly parents, or increased accessibility as you age. Changes or upgrades may include replacing your standard tub with a walk-in, widening doorways to accommodate mobility devices, or adding an outdoor ramp to help you leave or enter your home with ease. Whatever your needs, whole-home remodeling can transform your outdated decor or inefficient configuration to a more aesthetically pleasing, usable living space.

3. Improved Safety and Efficiency

Building practices, codes, and materials have vastly improved over the past several decades, and depending on when your home was built, older plumbing or electrical can become a safety concern. Homes built before 1980 may contain asbestos in a variety of materials such as floor tiles, insulation, ceiling tiles, shingles, and more. While only harmful if disturbed, these materials can be safely replaced as part of your whole-home remodel for peace of mind.

In addition to improving the safety of your home, new or added insulation, roof or window replacement, and other upgrades can help improve the overall efficiency of your home reducing energy costs and lowering your carbon footprint. Replacing outdated appliances with new, more energy efficient models is an investment that begins to pay off immediately with savings in energy costs.

Whole-Home Remodeling in Northern Virginia

If this list of benefits has you considering a whole-home remodel for your home, WISA Solutions can help! We are ready to sit down and discuss your vision so that we can capture everything you are imagining for your remodel.

Contact us online to schedule a consultation for your whole-home remodel in Northern Virginia!