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Posted on: March 30, 2021

Northern Virginia is a great place to live, with dozens of desirable neighborhoods to both own homes and consider renting.

The mountains are never far away, and there are many different lakes and rivers that you can enjoy as well. But where’s the best place to buy a house in Northern Virginia? We’ll be breaking down some of these different locations as well as what you can expect from them:

  • Arlington County
  • Falls Church
  • Alexandria
  • Fairfax
  • Chantilly
  • Loudoun County
  • Prince William County

Best Place To Buy A House In Northern Virginia (Top 7)

Northern Virginia is known for being a beautiful, historic part of the country. It’s a wonderful place to raise a family, build a career, or retire. Start your search for the perfect home by looking in these seven areas.

1. Arlington County, Virginia

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Bordering Washington DC is Arlington County, Virginia. This downtown county is a great place to live and work. It’s highly sought after and is considered the second largest “principal city” of the Washington DC metropolitan area. Arlington is the sixth-largest county in Virginia, based on a 2019 population of 236,842. It’s also the 5th highest-income county in the U.S. based on median family income and the 11th most densely populated county in the United States.

The schools in Arlington all have extremely high-performance rates throughout all of the primary education grades. There are also a number of colleges that are extremely high caliber and carry a lot of weight in the academic world. Franklin University and the University of the District of Columbia are just two that have a great reputation for being good colleges. Here’s a list of all the universities near Arlington.

2. Falls Church, Virginia

Falls Church is in the northeast corner of Virginia and is very close to Arlington. It’s a smaller city in itself, but it is included in the Washington metropolitan area. The estimated population of 2019 was 14,617. It could very well be higher now, but the population tends to grow steadily or on pace with surrounding areas.

The city itself is only 2.11 square miles and is the smallest incorporated municipality in Virginian and also the smallest county equivalent in the United States. Being a very small city, it does offer a large city’s feeling because it’s so closely bordered by some of the most active cities in the U.S.

The community of Falls Church is very tight-knit and welcoming to new residents. If you’re thinking of moving into this area, you can expect many historical sites, long-standing businesses, and beautiful views. It should be noted that in 2011 falls church was named the “richest county” in the United States, with a median annual household income of $133,313.

3. The Old Town of Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria is one of the oldest cities in Virginia, and it’s only 7 miles south of Washington DC’s city center. It’s built up as a historical city because of how close it is to all of the many different historical sights, restaurants, and government buildings. The population of Alexandria was estimated to be 159,200 in 2020, making it a fairly large city.

Alexandria’s historic center is known as Old Town and has a high concentration of boutiques, restaurants, antique shops, and theaters. It’s a major draw for both residents and tourists alike. The city streets and housing are fairly small and compact, making it a walkable area. Alexandria is the 7th largest and high-income independent city in Virginia.

4. City of Fairfax, Virginia

residential home in fairfax one of the top 7 best place to buy a house in northern virginia

One thing that can be very confusing throughout all of Virginia is that many cities and counties have the same names. Don’t let this confuse you with Fairfax. Fairfax city has an estimated population of 24,019 as of 2019. It’s part of the Washington DC metro area and a part of northern Virginia, making it a highly desired area. the city is 17 miles west of Washington DC’s center.

Virginia Railway Express’s Burke Centre Station is located just three miles southeast of the city’s boundaries, and George Mason University, Virginia’s largest public educational institution with 35,189 students, is also located along the city’s southern border. The University students share the same public transportation system as the residents do.

5. Chantilly, Virginia

Chantilly is an interesting location because it’s a census-designated place in western Fairfax County, but it’s not necessarily a city. The population as of the 2010 census was 23,039. The city was named after an early 19th-century mansion and farm, which took the name of an 18th-century plantation. The origin of the name comes from France and an area that’s 28 miles north of Paris.

25 miles west of Washington DC, Chantilly is located on major interstates that connect the technology corridor and other major employment centers, making it a great place to live if you’re working in some of those different areas that are just off of the interstate.

6. Loudoun County, Virginia

Loudoun county is yet another large northern Virginia country with a population of 413,538. This county is also part of the Washington DC metro area. The median household income was up to $136,268 in 2018 and has been ranked #1 in the United States for median household income among jurisdictions with a population of 65,000+.

The county has lots to offer when it comes to a place to live. There are a number of beautiful historical sites as well as a good transportation system and good schools for kids and adults. Whether you’re looking to raise a family or find a nice neighborhood to retire in, Loudoun County may be a good place to look.

7. Prince William County, Virginia

prince william county one of the top 7 best place to buy a house in northern virginia

Prince William County is located right on the Potomac River in the Commonwealth of Virginia. IN 2019 the estimated population of Prince William County was 470,335. Additionally, in 2019 Prince William County showed the 20th-highest income of any county in the United States.

The County was founded in 1731 and named for Prince William the Duke of Cumberland. At that time, most people who lived in the area were looking for a place where they could raise families and grow crops on plantations. Today, the area is made up of businesses and schools as well as government centers that employ several thousand workers. There are also a number of nearby Universities that help to bring new people into the area as well as offer continued education to the current population.

So What’s The Best Place to Buy a Home In Northern Virginia?

There are many great places to buy homes throughout all of northern Virginia. We’ve specifically outlined some of the communities that offer the best Virginia real estate, the best schools, and the best communities to live and work in.

Ultimately the best place to buy a home is the place where you’ll be able to purchase a home that you can afford as well as enjoy with your family. Don’t overextend your budget or push to get into a home that’s not going to be the right fit for your family. Each of these communities offers some of the best Virginia real estate that’s currently available.

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