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Posted on: March 9, 2022

Are you tired of using a bathroom that looks shabby? Does your bathroom have outdated features or lackluster tiling? With bathroom trends constantly changing it might be time for a bathroom remodel!

Bathrooms are one of the most important, if not the most important, rooms in your home. Individuals can spend a significant amount of time in a bathroom throughout their lifetime. On top of that, if you are entertaining guests in your home, most likely they will use your bathroom at some point.

Knowing this, it is important that your bathroom is cleaned, organized, and appealing. You can escape the harsh judgment from your guests by considering these 9 bathroom remodeling trends to implement in your bathroom to give it a fresh, modern look.

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9 Popular Bathroom Trends For 2023

1. Change Your Lighting Fixtures

If you’re tired of the basic, standard lights in your bathroom, try changing them for something more unique and stylish! Go for a modern look by adding recessed lights or switching your current lights to mini or glass pendants. Additionally, you can try adding under cabinet lights in your bathroom. For the installation of new lighting fixtures in your bathroom, you should consult with an electrician.

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2. Opt For A New Sink

Switching your current sink for a sleek design is a great idea for a bathroom upgrade. For an elegant, sophisticated look, try updating your sink to a vessel sink. Additionally, you can pair your vessel sink with a stainless-steel faucet to give it an even more stylish look. You can also change the material your sink is made out of. For example, if your sink is currently made out of enameled cast iron, you can switch it to a sink made of tempered glass instead. If you are looking for more counter and cabinet space, you can opt for twin sinks. Again, for remodeling efforts concerning plumbing and installation, it is best to seek a contractor.

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3. Organize With Extra Storage

Organize efficiently and make your bathroom look neat and well-kept with this bathroom remodeling trend. You can make use of your vertical space by expanding/building upon your existing cabinets. Our remodeling team can install vertical, open shelves or additional closed cabinets.

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4. Get Creative With Technology

Make your bathroom truly inviting for your guests by enhancing it with some technology. Install a TV in your bathroom wall and let your guests stay up-to-date on the progression of that baseball game. Aside from TVs, you can install wireless speakers or Bluetooth devices in your bathroom and even directly into your shower head to listen to music or podcasts while you take a shower. Adding electronics into your bathroom not only enhances your space but also allows it to be more enjoyable and relaxing.

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5. Customization Is The Key To Convenience

One of the most hands-on and currently popular bathroom remodeling trends is customization. You can transform your bathroom to your liking and in a way that will satisfy your needs and appeal to your guests. A few customization ideas that homeowners are using include curbless showers, height-adjusted toilets, and wet rooms where the bathtub and shower are placed in one room. With customization, your options are endless and you can make your bathroom as unique or contemporary as you’d like.

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6. Warm-Up Your Bathroom Floors

During winter, the tiles in your bathroom can be cold. With the fastest technology such as radiant heat tiles for floors towel warmers in towel rods and racks that keep us from getting chilled, you can warm up your bathroom in no time!

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7. Add More Cabinet And Counter Space

You can make your bathroom appear more “open” by adding more cabinet and counter space. Besides adding counter and cabinet space, you can also revamp the look of your current cabinets and counters. If your cabinets are currently made from fiberboard and your countertops are made out of laminate, consider upgrading your cabinets to solid wood and your countertops to marble for an exquisite modern look. Remodeling your bathroom cabinets or countertops can give you more room to place your personal items.

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8. Built-In Electrical Outlets

If you have clutter on your counter such as electric razors, electric toothbrushes, curling irons and blow dryers you can consider keeping your appliances in drawers or cabinets that have built-in electrical outlets. Moving outlets off the wall and inside your cabinets can open up space in dramatic ways.

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9. Mix-And-Match Bathroom Fixtures & Finishes

Having a design that is harmonious and consistent – such as a lot of wood and very little else – can actually look dated now. It might be time to think out of the box and combine several materials in the same space – such as using metal, ceramic, wood, and stone.

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