Posted on: February 16, 2017

It’s a new year, and this is a great time to look at making changes or transition in your life. This could even include some remodeling of your house.

As a house gets past 10, 20 or 30 years old, it can be a good idea to at least consider a remodel of some rooms of your home based on your family’s use, needs and activities. But one room that could certainly use a remodel no matter what your family situation is, is the bathroom.

Your family could be bigger or smaller than when you moved in; you could have no pets or more pets, you could be the neighborhood party hosts or the neighborhood bookworms, homebodies and Netflix binge-watchers. No matter how you use your home or what rooms you tend to favor with your lifestyle, the bathroom’s role in your family is pretty consistent. When you think you are ready to do a remodel, the bathroom could be your very first choice.

And if you want to modernize and update and not just upgrade your bathroom, here are some trends for 2017 you might want to consider.

Mix and Match Bathroom Fixtures and Finishes

Having a design that is harmonious and consistent – such as a lot of wood and very little else – can actually look dated now. It might be time to think out of the box and combine several materials in the same space – such as using metal, ceramic, wood and stone.

Expand Color Palette Choices for the Bath

Mixing of color palette can provide you with a plethora of color schemes. And this is not necessarily in an art-deco kind of way, but solid and complementary colors can provide great color contrast and give some parts of the bathroom some punch. You can consider mediterranean color schemes, like browns and blacks as well as greens and blues to create a combination of – creative flair and complementary colors.

Use Small Bathroom Space Walls – Get Vertical

One of the best ways to utilize a small space is by installing bathrooms fixtures, up to the ceiling. Often bathrooms do not leveraging this valuable space. Consider cabinet and storage space that goes up your bathroom walls to maximize the space. A narrow, tall cabinet between two vanities can clear a lot of space that may usually get cluttered with various bottles and jars.

Think Easy, Gain Convenience in the Bath

If you have clutter on your counter such as electric razors, electric toothbrushes, curling irons and blow dryers you can consider keeping your appliances in drawers or cabinets that has built-in electrical outlets. Moving outlets off the wall and inside your cabinets or can open up space in dramatic ways.

Power Your Bath with Hidden Treasures

Not only do threshold-free showers, side-mounted faucets and comfort-height toilets enhance the convenience in a bathroom, they are also quite fashionable. By renovating or construction that offers convenience, it can certainly help in your daily activities.

Warm Up your Bathroom Floors

During winter, the tiles on your bathroom can be cold. With the fastest technology such as radiant heat tiles for floors towel warmers in towel rods and racks that keep us from getting chilled, you can warm up your bathroom in no time!

Bring Wireless and Bluetooth into the Bathroom

Thanks to wireless speakers and Bluetooth-enabled devices you can listen to music safely without having any nearby electrical inputs. You can elevate the ambience with music or tune in to the daily morning radio show on while you brush your teeth.

These are just a few of the trendy ideas you can consider when modernizing and remodeling your bathroom space. A professional remodel firm has all the information you need to help you learn all the new trends and can help you create the modern bathroom that fits your needs, style and budget.

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