subcontractor looking in bathroom; hiring a roofing contractor checklist
Posted on: January 24, 2018

When it comes to improving parts of your home, you want to make sure it is done correctly. Remodeling a bathroom can be practical, depending on what you are renovating. However, when it comes to advanced tasks that may require electrical wiring or plumbing for example, remodeling may not be an easy feat to accomplish alone. In such cases, it may be necessary to seek out a bathroom remodeling contractor.

Nevertheless, hiring the right contractor to remodel your bathroom may not come so easy as well. There are many qualities you’ll want to look for when acquiring a contractor, as well as things you should remember when informing your contractor about the way you want your bathroom remodeled. Luckily, here at WISA Solutions, we have useful tips to share on what to look for when you engage a bathroom remodeling contractor.


When it comes to bathroom remodeling, it is imperative to find a contractor with credibility who has dealt with other clients. The best way to determine if a contractor is reputable is through word of mouth. Nevertheless, a referral may not always happen and thus another way to determine if a contractor is credible is by reviewing their previous work, as well as any ratings and feedbacks they may have received from previous clients on their website or on the internet in general. If the contractor (and if applicable the company) you are considering has high marks, then they may be in the clear to hire.


Another quality to look for in a bathroom remodeling contractor is how timely they are. That doesn’t just mean whether or not they show up to your house on time—it also means how long the bathroom remodel would take. Many homeowners have the ability to complete bathroom remodeling on their own, but may need assistance on the advanced operations or want the remodel done precisely. A credible contractor’s time frame for a bathroom remodel should be reasonable, organized, and concise. Consider your remodel plan and a rational time frame and compare it to what your contractor says.

Flexible to Your Needs

A reputable contractor considers your remodel vision and works to execute that plan to a tee. The contractor will ensure that your vision is intact with the remodel, but will also offer their suggestions, allowing you to consider additions and asking if you would like to include any accents to your bathroom remodel. When looking for a bathroom remodeling contractor, make sure they are knowledgeable in their field and versatile in remodel and design. It is best not to settle for an “in-and-out” contractor who is simply looking to finish the task and leave.

Negotiable and Fair

Bathroom remodeling may involve quite a bit of operation (depending on what you want), but all in all, it is a practical endeavor. With that said, you will want to make sure that the contractor you have engaged gives you a fair price quote for the work you want done. If you are looking to get your sink and lighting fixtures replaced but the contractor is factoring in many details that contribute to the outcome of a steep price, consider otherwise. The contractor should be fair and negotiable, and willing to work with your budget. Also, consider a contractor who allows you to purchase your own materials that you would like for the contractor to use.

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