Posted on: February 10, 2021

These Springfield clients had lived in their home for 6 years and were ready to update their master bathroom. It was the home’s original bathroom and they felt it was dated and the layout was no longer functional.

Here were a few key issues they were having:

  • Closet were bi-fold doors
  • Lack of space
  • Laundry shoot in the floor
  • Shower was too small
  • Drop ceiling
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And here’s how we solved them….

The vanity sink was outside the bathroom, so we changed the layout to have the sink inside the bathroom and give them a bigger closet. Since they wanted a bigger shower, we demolished a wall to extend the shower, and relocated the vent pipe that was in the way.


When we opened up the wall between the bathroom and vanity sink, we discovered that all the electrical wires were running on that wall. We relocated those wires to the exterior wall as much as possible. Since some of the wires were still sticking out on top, our best solution was to create a bulkhead to hide the wires.  Instead of a vanity light, we installed 3 small recessed lights.

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Material Selections:

  • Waypoint cabinetry 
  • MSI quartz countertop
  • Wood look tile on wall 
  • Pebbles for shower pan
  • Hexagon tile for bathroom floor

In addition to the master bathroom, we also completed a hall bathroom and replaced all the drain pipes throughout the house. The total duration was 9 weeks. To learn more about our bathroom remodeling services – Click Here!