Posted on: April 18, 2018

Often, unfinished basements can go unattended because the amount of work that needs to be put in seems daunting to homeowners.

Fortunately, homeowners can renovate their basements with minimal effort at a low cost by utilizing these 5 basement renovation ideas.

unfinished basement with light colored hardwood floors; basement renovation ideas

Top 5 Basement Renovation Ideas

1. Designate a Workspace/Office

Instead of finishing the entire basement, you can start small with your basement renovation by designating a corner of your basement as a home office. Creating a home office in your basement is an ideal place for you to get work done as basements are typically the quietest area in a home. You can make your workspace as elaborate or simple as you want. Furniture such as a desk, chair, drawers, and a bookcase and accessorize with plants and decorative lighting fixtures can be added to bring that area of your basement to life.

2. Paint the Beams & Cinder Block

As far as making your basement more appealing, you can illuminate your basement by painting the cinder block and beams with bold paint colors. Though this basement renovation idea doesn’t involve transforming parts of your basement into an office space or entertainment area, it involves a quick renovation of your basement holistically. Painting the beams of your basement ceiling can make your basement feel more “complete.” Along with that, painting the cinder block in your basement can brighten it up and make it feel a lot less dull.

3. Design a Living Space

Make your basement livelier by adding living room decor and decorations. While you don’t have to go all out and overhaul the entire basement, you can give specific attention to certain areas of the basement. Furnish those areas with large rugs, coffee tables and desks, couches, and cool lighting fixtures. If you want to create a small entertainment space, you can also add electronics such as TVs or add other types of entertainment, such as a pool table or foosball table.

fully furnished downstairs basement living area; basement renovation ideas

4. Make an Art Studio

With many unfinished basements including cinder blocks, you can turn a portion of your basement into a trendy art studio. Add a few easels, string lights, rugs, and storage cabinets and you have yourself an art studio in the works. This basement renovation idea is perfect for artsy homeowners looking to get even more creative with their artwork. Not to mention, you can also paint your artwork on your basement walls to give it a more personalized look.

5. Create a Storage Area

Oftentimes, unfinished basements are used as storage space, so why not get creative and create an actual storage area in your basement? Add storage shelves and bins to store your household products, tools, Christmas decorations, and more. The great thing about creating a storage area is that you don’t need to spend time decorating the area like an office space. You can keep your basement as unfinished as you’d like while only having to organize and create shelf space for your belongings.

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