bucket with cleaning materials; roof cleaning
Posted on: February 21, 2020

Have you ever felt stuck while waiting for a roofing quote?

It can be a real pain to sit around waiting for a contractor to get back to you. It’s annoying and frustrating.

Here at WISA, we understand that, which is why we pride ourselves on having a simple process where our clients receive their quotes much faster than other roofers.

Some quotes take forever to make it through all of the different channels before they get back to you. Our company is different.

Just in case you decide to go with a different roofer, here is a list of things you can do while waiting for a roofing quote.

Clean Up Your Email and Unsubscribe

Emails can get so cluttered and most of the time all of the information in them is completely useless! Instead of just refreshing your inbox while waiting for your quote, take the time to clean it up a bit. Delete that junk folder and unsubscribe from the email lists that you don’t normally look at. Nothing feels better than a clean inbox.

As a bonus, it will be easier for you to receive and respond to emails from people like us!

Clean Out Your Attic or Basement

Sometimes an attic or basement can become a catch-all and you’re not even able to use the space anymore. Instead of settling for another room full of boxes and junk, sort through it! You might find some fond memories or even a few items to sell. Who knows, maybe you could fund some of your new roofing projects with your findings!

Clean Out Your Garage

There’s just nothing like the way a garage can make you feel. The smell and lighting can bring back memories, such as the time with dad working on the bike or the car. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make some of those memories again! Just like the attic and basement, a garage can easily fill up with things that do not have a place. Cleaning it out might take a weekend but it’ll sure be worth it when it’s done and you can fit both cars in there again.

Start And Finish That Book You’ve Been Wanting to Read

Reading is a great way to relax, learn, and unwind from a long and stressful day. Studies show that reading before bed can improve sleep habits and help you to feel more rested when you wake up.

Instead of saying that you’re going to read that book next year, you might want to get started on it. Additionally, you will be able to build a good reading habit.

Binge a Netflix Series with Your Best Friend

Sometimes watching Netflix turn it into a social event! Scope out a good time to have one or a few friends over and binge-watch a show together. Beside Netflix, you can opt for Star Wars or the Lord Of The Rings series. Binge watching together might not be for everyone, still, it offers fun nonetheless.

Plant a Garden

With organic foods becoming expensive, you can consider creating your own backyard garden. You can do it in these simple steps!

First, pick out a spot – Before you get started establish where the garden is going to be. Find a spot with a good amount of sunlight and test the soil to see if you’ll need to add anything to it. After you’ve got the spot, you can stop by a local rental place to pick up a soil tiller. Use this to break up the soil and get it ready for planting. Also, be sure to pick up any rocks in the soil while doing this. Stop by your local garden center and pick up some soil and seeds. If the soil at your home is good you won’t have to add anything to it but you can to help ensure that the plants have proper nutrients.

When picking your seeds, you can consider a good mixture of tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, and peppers. When you’ve prepped the ground and chosen your seeds, you can go ahead and plant them. Most seed packages have instructions at the back that show you how to plant them. Make sure to add sufficient water and maintain them.

When you start to see your vegetables growing, pick them up and enjoy your harvest.

Plan a Camping Trip or Spend a Weekend Away

When waiting for a quote, a little getaway can help you take some time of your Busy life. You can either plan for a camping trip during the weekend camping trip or catch a flight south for a good time at the beach.