shot of backyard deck and green trees
Posted on: April 25, 2018

Building a deck can make for an attractive home extension while increasing the value of your home. Decks provide homeowners with additional space to host social gatherings or have family bonding time. When it comes to deck design, you’ll want to ensure you construct your deck in accordance to the style of your home and in accordance to your personal preferences. Nevertheless, here are five things to consider when designing your deck.

Location of Your Deck

One of the first things you should consider before you design a deck is where you want your deck to be built. You should think about the size of your lot and how the deck can provide a view of the scenery around your home. If you have a sliding backdoor, for example, and want your deck to be accessible, you may want to build your deck in that area. However, if you have a rather small lot size, you may only be able to place your deck where your yard permits. You should also consider the movement of the sun and how much shade you’d like your deck to receive when determining the location of your deck.

Type of Wood

The different types of wood play an important role in deck construction. When designing a deck, it is important to know what wood you will be using. Consider the wood style you like and what kind of wood are most suitable for a deck. Do you want your deck made with real wood or composite wood? What color do you want the material of your deck to be? These are questions you should consider when deciding on the type of wood for your deck. A few types of deck materials you can use for your deck include: weather-resistant woods (i.e. redwood, cedar), hardwoods (i.e. teak, Brazilian), or alternatives such as plastic and aluminum.

Size of Your Deck

When designing a deck, you should think about how large or small you want it to be. If you want your deck to provide more privacy, opt for a small-sized deck. However, if you want your deck to be more suitable for social gatherings, build a large-sized deck, such as one that wraps around your house. Nevertheless, the desired size for your deck can be affected due to the location of your home, the space available on your lot, and your budget. While considering such factors, you should build the deck accordingly while ensuring its size will meet your needs.


Another factor you should consider when designing a deck is your budget. Your prospective budget will play a significant role in the size of your deck, what it is made of, and any additional features that you might plan to have. If you have a small budget, you may want to consider downsizing on your deck, as well as building it out of a quality yet cost-effective material. You might also want to limit the amount of additions such as furniture and decor on your deck. If you have a large budget and price isn’t a huge factor, you can design your deck out of superior-grade materials, expand its size (if your space permits), and load up on elegant furniture and decor.

Before designing a deck, you should check with your local and state laws for legal requirements or building permits that may be needed.

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